Introducing Conan for Alderman of Ward 13


Hello, my name is R. Conan Prendergast and I am a candidate in the 13th Ward’s upcoming election for a new Alderman. With Alderman Fred Wessels stepping down to head up the Community Development Administration, the 13th Ward is in need of a new representative downtown. There is a special election being held on April 29th and we need your vote.

I have been a part of this community since 2003 and have loved living immersed in the cultural diversity of those that also call the Bevo Mill and Holly Hills area their home. In late 2013 Bevo Mill also became the home of my new business, Dregas Guitars.

I have experienced deep concern for our community since my friend Mon Rai was murdered on June 10th of last year at the 7-11 at Gravois and Bates where he was employed. Having learned of the recent vacancy left in the board of Alderman, I have chosen that means to serve my neighborhood, the rest of this 13th Ward and the City of St. Louis.

With your help and your vote, we can improve this city.

-Robert Conan Prendergast

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